Friday, December 21, 2007



This is a real time account of Today's Wetting.

Around 9 am this morning I awoke and went for my morning pee as normal. After this I decided to do a hold and piss in my pants. At 9:30am I was dressed in my very tight jeans, I started filling by bladder by drinking 2 pints of water and waiting for my bladder to fill after my bladder started to fill I walked to my local shop and bought a large bottle of coke. When I came home, I drank the entire bottle, my bladder was filling really quickly and whilst that was happening I put on a belt which will make my jeans even tighter and also increase the need to pee. At 10am my bladder was full but not full enough, I started to hold the pee but I didn't expect how desperate I would get. At 11am my bladder was extremely full, it has bulged in my jeans and pants the need wasn't that bad but my cock did start to go hard from all of the pee. At 12pm, I was really desperate to pee and my bladder had bulged even more, my cock was fully erect and bursting for relief but I continued to hold it. 15 minutes later, I felt a squrt come out and it created a small wet spot. At 12:45pm the urge to pee was unbearable and another squrt leaked out and my jeans had a big wet spot on them, I tried to hold it for a bit longer but this was seriously difficult. At 1pm, I pissed in my jeans, I just couldn't hold it much longer, I seemed to pee for a while and my jeans were soaked. After I had peed, I stood in them for a bit until the need to pee arose again, I just let it go and rewetted the jeans.

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